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Рубите на тяп-ляпе шукалку, там и выбираете чё-та типа R-102 и со списка из как минимум подходящего имеете:
19411031 Document: *R-102; Description: Report on activities of The Task Forces of SIPO and SD in USSR, 10/1/1941-10/31/1941. (USA 470) "Document R-102: Activity And Situation Report No. 6. Of The Task Forces [Einsatzgruppen] Of The Security Police And The SD In The USSR [partial translation]", in Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression. Volume VIII: US Government Printing Office, District of Columbia: 1947. pp. 96-103.
[Rubber Stamp] TOP SECRET
100 copies Copy No. 42.
(Time covered by report: 10/1-31/1941)
Table of Contents
I. Stations. ... Page 1
II. Activities.

A. Eastern Territory (i. e. Baltic area)

c. Jews. In 1940 there were in Estonia approximately 4500 Jews almost exclusively in Reval, Dorpot, Narwa and Pernau. There were only a few Jews in the country districts. After the occupation of the Eastern territory by German troops there were still approximately 2000 Jews. The larger part had left the country in an easterly direction together with the Soviet authorities and the Red Army.
Spontaneous demonstrations against Jewry followed by pogroms on the part of the population against the remaining Jews have not been recorded, on account of the lack of adequate indoctrination.
However, the Estonian Protective Corps [Selbstschutz], formed at the time of the entry of the Wehrmacht, immediately started a comprehensive arrest action of all Jews. This action was under the direction of the task force of the Security Police and the SD.

Однако иногда не совсем плохо заглядывать и в печатные издания… впрочем, сие - на любителя.

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